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Top 3 Easy Power Saving Tips For Your Split System

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Tip 1 – Be smart with your usage

Minimize having your fan speed or split system on high for long periods of time, as this will be a major contribution to your electricity usage.

  • Avoid full fan setting: When arriving home and it is hot inside only keep the fan setting on high/full speed for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Low setting: Once it is cool or warm enough adjust the controllers on the fan setting or split system to medium to low. This will enable you to control the temperature without using excessive power to achieve this.

  • Set a sleep timer for overnight use: For those extreme hot nights you are best to use the timer-off setting on your split system. This will allow you to feel comfortable and sleep peacefully knowing your unit will automatically turn off. We recommend setting this from 1 to 4 hours max.

Tip 2 – Control your environment

Remember that each split system you have installed is ONLY designed for a particular room.

  • Keep all doors closed: If you have adjoining rooms and hallways, you are best to close all doors to these rooms to avoid your system working overtime and to control the temperature within a designated area.

  • Block up that draft: Use draft stoppers for the bottom of doors (especially doors on external walls).

  • Keep the sun out: Ensure to keep your windows closed as well as your blinds or shutters. The heat is transferred through windows which is a big liability on the efficiency of your system when controlling room temperature.

Tip 3 – Service your system regularly

By maintaining your split system you will help keep the overall degradation and efficiency losses to a minimum. This will also help reduce the amount of electricity required to operate your system.

  • Clean those filters: A dirty filter makes any split system unit work harder, meaning more electricity and higher energy costs! We recommend you clean these filters every 3 months.

  • Dust and then wipe down: Your indoor unit will accumulate dust on the casing of the unit. Dust around and on top of the indoor unit. With a lightly dampened cloth wipe down the outer casing.

Be delicate with those louvers: Take your time cleaning those louvers and be gentle!