Why you should have your split system serviced

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

We hope that you are keeping safe at this time and we would like to help make your working from home situation a little easier, safer and healthier during this COVID-19 pandemic. Now is a good time to consider getting a few electrical jobs done around the home that you may have been putting off, especially having your split system serviced.

Why should I service my split system?

– Regular service, at least twice a year will help keep your unit clean and free from any build up of mould & bacteria. This will prevent any mould spores and bacteria from being released into your room, which can lead to health & respiratory problems.

– Even a small fault, blockage or any fan damage can put additional pressure on your unit, making it have to work a lot harder in order to heat or cool your room. This affects the amount of power required to operate the unit, by having a service check this will eliminate any of these issues, reducing the power consumption of your unit by at least 10%.

– Regular servicing of your unit will prevent having to fork out more money for any breakdowns, or worse case having to replace the whole unit if it is unrepairable!